Wednesday, February 18, 2009



i'm still in complete shock to have received these, and off a blogger whos blog i love and stalk ON THE DAILY..
the amazingly gorgeous and very talented Stompface!!
thank you so much lovely.
i think i've gone back to her blog like 100 times already to double check. HA!!
(i kid you not..)

now i've thought long and hard on who else i feel deserves these babies.
there's 100s more of you but i chose 10..


Stephanie said...

You're too sweet, lady- thank you so much!!! I will give you a little shout-out in my next post ;)


Stompface said...

oh you are too cute!


Christing said...

thank you so much for the award!! i feel so honored and am so happy you like the blog!! absolutely love your blog as well! such inspirational pics! xxx

Evelyn said...

oh thx so mutch!!!!:)
keep me smiling!!!
xxx eve

Hemaly said...

Thanks so much, dear!!
Can't you believe I only started having followers this year, and I've been blogging since '06?! Thanks again!

Elisa said...

Thank you!i'm very flattered. I think your blog is fab too! kisses :)

Dee said...

Thank You! xx