Wednesday, June 10, 2009

s e v e n / c h e e



Stephanie said...

so gorgeous! in location and cozy clothes!!!


Ashita Alix said...

This is breathtaking! You have the most amazing posts here. Loves IT!

Mia said...

love it!

kelsey said...

its all so very icelandic!!

HEyyyy loverRR!!
i think i miss you..nooo its a fact hehe
yeah some twat put up a content warning on my blog and has tagged a few others for nooooo apparent reason, the most i show is a models prepubescent tits ahah, but whateverrr..ive moved on. :}
im happy you digg the new blog, so do i, and ive figured out the sidebar thingy thanks to someones help so you are officially on wedgeandcigs..yayy!!

i know your shrieking bahaha..
hows the winter weather down unda? i bet the same as here atm-all its been doing is raining and its pretty cool out since sunday. wahhh-i want summer!

p.s. i think we should totally be old skool' penpals, and write each other letters and stuff..tell me what you think
xoxo kelsey

10ThMuse said...

i like this, it has a great styling

Cindy said...

i love this editorial. i may have to post a picture or two on my blog if that's ok? i'll credit you of course. this is the first time since her grunge russh shoot that i've really loved zippora, wow.