Wednesday, July 29, 2009

assignments are killer.


why can't i be the amazing that is kelly smith.. just for today.
i have an assignment due tomorrow. having to draw up 24 sketches never seemed like such a task before.. but now.. gahh!!

wish me luck loveys ☮ ♥


Daphne said...


then you have to show us your work!!


Anonymous said...

good luck cookie!
im sure you can do it, especially since im sending kisses your way at this very moment...
oh did i mention that if you were in the states..well lets just say i'd be able to comfort a scared little Livi from your little fright about my temporarily lost blog ;p
which im so touched that you missed....
i think the detailed version of my affection for you is best left for a private letter haha...mostly because i keep backspacing on every word i write and this blushing is annoying even if i'm not in front of a mirror i still feel it :)
yes the baby's still in the shop, i miss it dear and one of my brothers keeps getting on me for using his computer...
hope school isn't being too much of a bummer, my girl needs to smile!
don't want to sound like a geek but i desperately count down the days to school mostly because not even 1000blogs can fill up the entirety of a day without making me feel like a bored bum.
look at that, even the comments i intend to be simple and short to you, end up being a story ahhhh-you've taken over this new yorkers head-but at the moment i don't think i'm complaining
as always