Friday, January 15, 2010

i need you.


i'm in dire need of a pair of black heels..
..but which pair?


Maggie ☮ said...

the patent black ones look very cute and sexy at the same time..get those

Meet Virginia said...

LOVE THEM ALL! I'm short, so a little height is always good :]

Stephanie said...

ogod tell me about it!! Black pumps are a pair of shoes i have been constantly looking for! I have this one classic pair but they're on the pointier side so don't go with everything and then i have this insanely high pair by Aldo. they're balenciaga knock offs and the problem isn't that they're so high, it's that their high PUMPS which brings me to my tip for your black pump search: find a pair that are high but not so high that you cant walk too long in them. i find i can walk in ultra high heels as long as they're strappy to hold in my foot but it's so hard to walk in a high pump. so i too am looking for a medium high heel :)

i'll keep you posted if i see any noticeable ones but out of these my fave is the first pair (aimees) i loved them when i saw them on her...but they might fall into the too high category ;)


Amna Al Rumaihi said...

third pair definitley