Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How does one settle..?

via Bijou and Boheme, House of Turquoise, The Decorista, Table Tonic,

..It's bad enough how indecisive I am, but interiors would have to be the hardest for me.
How does one decorate her living space to reflect her personality, when she has so many..?

..Perfect example above. This apartment is so dreamy and in all of my favourite colours.
Personality 1 & 2 would die to live here.. but then stupid, picky personality 3 would soon grow tired of it.


Daniela said...

Beautiful pictures! So inspirational! I feel the same way as you, it's also hard for me to choose a particular decor because I will want to change it within a few months. I love the decor in the picture with the turquoise walls, pink accents, and green plants. Gorgeous!

Sister Golden Air said...

Definitely in the bed in the loft:)

sophie said...

ok liv, dear, stop ittt! i'm speechless, this is the perfect life! you SO put all the perfect pictures together. please tell me when you find a house like that, i'll come and visit you!

TASHA B said...


nik said...

i luv this! beautiful picks for interiors. i luv decorating. but you're right. i would grow tired eventually. well maybe if i keep changing it around, it wouldn't be so boring... :)

Abril said...

I want to leave my current home and go rent some pure white space to go decorate!

Shani Galarza said...

I know right , such a commitment ughhh !!