Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bloglovin' Awards 2011.

Mandy of Oracle Fox is already the winner in my eyes, but if you haven't voted already for who you feel should be blogger of the year,
do it NOW, right

I know I couldn't imagine anyone more deserving.
HUGE love to you lady!

x x x x


Kristen said...

yes! i've voted, her blog is amazing

Kate said...

Totally agree!!

notsoChiara said...

Yeahh I voted as well!!

Oracle Fox said...

I don't deserve your love livvybelles. me blushing now. hoping you had a lovely weekend, i saw black swan last night, eeeekkk, it's full on!! my friend lani loved it (although she grew up as a ballerina) i liked it but it's intense and ei-chihuahua a bit raunchy, hehe. xx