Friday, January 21, 2011

Craft days.

NARDIVILE and I have been speaking of having craft days for quite some time now, so seeing these beautiful images over at SPELL, of the gorgeous dream catcher bag rings they created on one of their own, just made me that much more excited to start creating!
Nothing beats a good ol' craft day with your girlfriends!

Tomorrow we'll be heading
down to the local op shops in search for some furniture to fill up our little home offices, or HQ's as we like to call them lol.
Fingers crossed we come across some treasures.

Edit: You can buy the beautiful Spell Dream Catcher Bag-rings here.


Fashion Agony said...

Love that outfit!

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Kristen said...

great bag! i love the dream catcher

notsoChiara said...

crossing my fingers for u!
show us some amazing stuff!!
nice nice nice



I think i might mave a lung full of gold this bad?
I'm heaps excited for tomorrow, i can't sleep!


calla said...

craft days with girls are the best! and that dream catcher is brilliant! the feather print on your jacket is so dreamy.... been searching for fabric like this for so long now.

<3 calla

calla said...

^^^ i just realized you stated that these are from spell and not yours :I i think i got too excited when i saw the gorgeous outfit!

great pics anyhow and i can't waittttt to see your creations :)

CDG said...

I have the biggest obsession with dreamcatchers and feathers. This bag is so perfect and the foxtail just makes it even better. I don't know how I haven't come across these pics yet, so thanks so much for sharing!

Spell said...

ahhh! Thanks Liv!!

haha - craft days!! We're super lucky because every day is a craft days - most days I go home with bloody leather glue all over my fingers.

Good luck with your craft days - and i've said it before and I'll say it again, if you're up north you must drop in and say hello at Spell HQ - (we call it HQ too!!)

xx lizzy

cat said...

cute cardi!
cat x

ediot said...
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ediot said...

thanks for sharing the link- amazing photos and what a great idea
love your blog
hope you're having a great weekend


that girl lucy said...

yes saw this amaze bag when i was reading spell blog couple of days ago, love. you have inspired to get my cretiveness on heheh. ooh and post some snps of your finds x