Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hitting my taste buds.

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..My Autumn palette. I've never been so excited for these coming seasons!
Though we didn't really have much of a summer, so that could be why..
My wardrobe is aching for a makeover.


Taegan said...

Beautiful! I love the image of the girl in the pink dress.


What a beautiful post to come home to after a long crappy day at work...
You my dear know how to put a smile on my face.

liv said...

I was just thinking about you!
I'm glad it put a smile on your face. It was posted with only you and my bank account (lack of) in mind my love lol.

I hope the rest of the work week gets better. I want a Nartta day off already!!

x x x x

that girl lucy said...

ahh i know, summer barely started it's saaa cold down here already! but can not wait for some AW shopping hell yes. loves that flower skull and Valeria's hair and green jumpsuit x fur and PURPLE HAIR and how the fuck is abbey so hot haha x

rachel kara said...

Abbey, I envy your body with every inch of mine.
Love that skull!

calla said...

that green jumpsuit @ cavalli is pure heaven!


Shirin said...

amazing pictures!! I love that skull with the flowers


mariasousa said...

i love all!

Amira said...

Like your blog! Rubik is wonderful! Follow you) Follow me?

Beverley said...

it's been rainy and gloomy for days! so i can't even begin to tell you how sick and tired i am of this cold weather! but after seeing this post, i feel MUCH better and MUCH inspired. thanks liv :)

Bridget Colella said...

love this post & your blog...such inspiration here

id love for you to check out & follow my blog, im a stylist out in LA id appreciate your comments!

Wida said...

Woahhh!! How amazing are these pictures!?!? So trippy! I like.

Missing Amsie Blog

Tonya said...

I love alexa chung's outfit. Her and abbey are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING vibes ! works RAD for the summer also!

love u liv! amazing soul and ur so inspirational :**

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