Thursday, March 17, 2011

Winter warmers.

via Spanish Moss Blog, Mr. Newton, Stockholm Streetstyle, Models Off Duty, Face Hunter

..Bring me those relaxing winter mornings, days, and nights already!
I don't think I've ever been this excited for winter.. And it's definitely about time I got out mums vintage fur.


alannah. said...

that first fur is amaaaaazing, love the green. just too beautiful.
loving most of these looks actually.. hm if only it was cold enough over here to consitute me actually buying one.x

Francesca said...

the second picture is amazing..and that dude is rediculously hot.
i think im going to save him to my desktop xo!

calla said...

i will never get over that first pic. so much perfection in one outfit.


MollyAmalgamation said...

So much love for this post.

I'm with you on the wintery excitement. It's new for me too.. weird.


il était une fois... said...

Awesome selection! Loove this post!!

B xx

Kayla said...

these outfits rockkkkkk so much. i love the whole skinny silhouette with that oversized top layer [ big coat or fur] i'm all about that.


Anonymous said...

The first girl is gorgeous!!! I can't wait for my hair to grow out like that, and for next winter I'm getting a emerald green fur!!! (if I can find one cheap, haha)