Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We are all part stardust.

..I spent 6 hours on this tumblr today. 6 hours!
I went through 333 pages until my eyeballs, and my photobucket finally packed it in on me. And there was still more!
It's like a tumblr on steroids and my new drug. The most beautiful images I've ever seen in one little space in internet land.
I can't even believe I'm sharing it with you! Argh.. so so tempted to go back.


Jade said...

these are sooo amazing!


Francesca Felix said...

wow 6 hours!!!! tumblr is is super addictive!!! butyou found rediculously amazing shots.. the last one is breathtaking!!!
great post love!

Tori said...

it was definitely worth it! these are great and mystifying images :)

enjoythesilence said...

Time wasting... I am queen.

Amazing images x

Zoë Kate said...

brilliant! now i'm going to spend hours looking through them too! haha...magical mystical pictures. love.


Han said...

I love this post!
The chiffony dresses in the second picture are beautiful!

LUCY said...

Discovering new tumblrs is the BEST. These images are all so dreamy, one I could def' get lost in for hours too! Ta for sharing Liv x

Dominus said...

really cool inspiration

dirty phoenix said...


B.COLELLA said...

i LOVE when i find blogs like that! haha so obsessed with the lisa bonet pic shes so gorgeous...thanks for the share!


cosmic dust ➵ said...

thanks so much for the love! glad you like.