Wednesday, May 13, 2009

t r u e b e a u t y


i love seeing all the recent postage on her. it's awesome!

this lady is amazing && so inspiring to me.. not only for her gorgeous natural looks && carefree style but the fact that she's still so real. she actually puts herself out there trying to make a difference in our shallow little, whale eating, dolphin killing world.

&& she's aussie.. woo!


Maddy said...

whoo its isabel lucas! Home and away flashbacks.. do u remember when she married robbie? aww.

I love your blog! I'm just starting out with my blog but would love you to check it out. maybe swap links?


katrina said...

really inspiring. love this picture much much!:)

Hemaly said...

I love Isabel Lucas here! She's also in Nylon's Young Hollywood edition.

Summer said...

She's so pretty here.Love this photo.Thanks for sharing.=)

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ryder said...


Maddy said...

Are you telling me you can't remember Robbie & Tasha's wedding! Deff one of my top 5 Aussie soap weddings - Charlene & Scott being number one of coarse!

But this one! Why just carry a bouquet when you can don one on your head! :p