Wednesday, June 24, 2009

w h y w e l o v e . . ! !

RUSSH - ISSUE 29 - VIDFLIP from Russh Magazine on Vimeo.

so so glad that my far away lovers enjoyed, it was definitely posted with you in mind as i love you dearly!! all thanks go to RUSSH though, of course.

if only i could send you all copies. nothing compares.. except maybe OYSTER..
but shhhh.. i love them both equally. <3

tunes: sonic youth - what we know


Stephanie said...

thank you t h a n k y o u thank you!!! for this!!!!


Hemaly▲ said...

I just died, went to heaven, and found this video.
Thank you

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i just watched that whole video without one wink!
thankyou sooo much for posting that, i have yet to get my hands on a luscious copy of just ONE reason of why Aussie Land is so great, fyi i need to land an internship there soon!!
umm so i missed blogger so i came back-i still have the wedgeandcigs but i needed somewhere to type out my little writers heart haha
so come by when you're free-its set up magazine style as i want to get practice on writing a bit on fashion, and its my new baby...anyways i SERIOUSLY MISS YOU BABE!!
hope the winters not too tough on your gorgeous smile
hopeful to talk with you soon

liviana said...

yay!! so glad you three beautiful ladies got to enjoy this.. i saw it and actually thought of all of you, and knew i had to post it.

if only they did it for every issue.. but now that they're blogging, you never know =)

and kelsey, i miss you!! i replyd to your last msg but not sure if you got it. so glad you are back!! though i do love both.. it just wasn't the same. i'm on holidays now 'finally!!' so i can catch up on all the blogging i've missed out on.

hope the weather is being good to all of you!! the aussie winter isn't being too kind. i think i may need to re-locate to one of your towns soon lol

love love and love hearing from you!!

email me!!

liv <3

Anonymous said...

wow! awesome magazine!!

Cindy said...

so awesome i love this. i get russh every month but i'm always an issue behind... it's my favourite magazine.

so sweet i'm on your bloglist! i'm going to add you to mine too! love your site.

♥ fashion chalet said...

this is awesome :)




fantastic! love russh
especially having a subscription and getting it in the mail such a thrill! xxx