Wednesday, August 5, 2009

on sale today.

VOGUE's 50th Anniversary Issue

i can't decide on which cover to get.. i'm in love with the first cover.
then there's the limited boxed edition!


leflassh. said...

the first one is def my fav aswell!
but then again i wouldn't mind having all four.
& where can you get these limited edition boxed ones? i haven't seen any but i have heard about them & i want!!
also thanks for the advice on the schools, if only i can actually FIND a fashion course here in adelaide to go to that would be great. xx

tychojaeger said...

gonna have to go with the first ! everyone is talking about the boxed ones ! where have they been all my life, and how come i still haven't seen it !?


Melissa xx said...

weren't they beautiful covers!! i went with the second one! xx