Tuesday, May 18, 2010

flowers For a VagabOnd
Spring/Summer (RAFW)

I really didn't think I was loving this collection till I saw it move. Though I always loved the spats! lol.
I think NARDIVILE + flowers For a VagabOnd made for a great team.
Now, i'll take a pair of the black + gold spats, and that cute little white dress please.
Oh, and sorry Nartta, I love you to bits and pieces.. but I'm also taking the grey jacket.
Thank you.

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I beleive I had dibs on the jackets but i spose I'll let you get one too lol....I'll harass Toby tomorrow about where and when we can get them tehe.
He is such a talented lad,so happy I got the chance to do some work with him.
I'm sad its over now...in need of a new project!