Friday, July 2, 2010

spring treads


Jeffrey Champbell, Via Spiga, via Lori's Shoes

so far, none of my friends are feeling me on the shoes i'm wanting for spring..
don't even get me started on the amount of times i've had the clog debate

Phase or not, all their hating only makes me want them more..!!
(plus it just makes me realise they all lack the imagination!) lol.

x x x x


Personal injury solicitors said...

I like the first and third pair most.

personal injury compensation said...

I wanna a pair for sure. so cooool and comfy looking

nik said...

clogs are in! get them! i luv them. espesh if they are peep toes or clogs that are espadrilles.

Hemaly said...

I really can't get into clogs, but love the grey wedges.

Anonymous said...

just bought some!!! cheapish pair and being 6ft tall don't think i'll get that much use...but theyre sooo comfy with the chunky heel! buy a pair. X

Anonymous said...

i had white clogs when i was a kid and i loved them, but im not into them at all now. i do love those grey booties though.

i haven't gotten much homework done at all yet. i need to work on my time management skills. im going to get it done this week though.

miss you. xx