Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter-time romance.



via The Decorista

this is by far one of the most beautiful apartments I've ever seen.. both ways!
i love white spaces - though i usually prefer more splashes of colour - but these have completely taken my breath away..
could totally see myself living here.


Bird said...

absolutely incredible - please can this be my house?

i think i love it mostly for all the different textures! i am a texture junkie!

Cindy said...

ohhh that couch is amazing!

Oracle Fox said...

OMFG my dream apartment!!!!! I'm printing out every picture for my inspiration wall, ahhaha does that sound nerdy.. I think I'm a bit of a nerd. I liked your Justin Bobby idea, hehe. xxx

Francesca said...

Love this. Great blog xx

rouli said...


i want to live in there for ever:))

kiss kiss my dear


SimoneV said...

White seems so plain and a turn off, but here it gives off a comfortable essence, creating such a laid back atmosphere adn sill somewaht bohemian without the colour.
Thank you for sharing~

le pearl said...

it's a tad over the top for me but yes, sometig along the lines of this, textures and nature-related themes. and of course - white <3