Thursday, December 9, 2010

I have to apologise for my absence this week lovers.
I've finally finished studying for the year (HUGE woooo hooo's!), so I've given myself a week - maybe two - of some much needed down time,
which so far has been spent catching up with family and old friends.

It's funny how you can know people their whole lives, yet continue to be so blown away by them.
I've been given new eyes. I've learned so much this week and boy am I blessed!
I have some beautifully amazing people around me.

Hope you're all having a magical December so far. There's nothing much like the holiday season..
So make sure you all give yourselves some time out to fully embrace and enjoy all that we have!

x x x x Liv


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Lovely post Liv- have a wonderful weekend my dear! xo

Oracle Fox said...

Awww your words a beautiful my lovely friend!! Enjoy your time off it sounds like it was well deserved, I'm looking forward to taking a week or two off a chrissie too! It's nice to leave your computer behind and realise the beauty of your real life and the people in it! I"m heading to Melbs for 4 days and going to pick up my ring, aggghh it's taken all year to get to this point. Looking forward to some shopping with the my Melb girlfriends too. I'll talk to you soon and have a beautiful weekend. lol xx mands