Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Playful summers.

..I saw these stunning images of Gala Gonzalez of, and couldn't not re-post.
She looks like such a beautiful soul and has such a great sense of style.

Love this outfit on her.



She looks gorgeous!I love that first shot.
Wish i looked that glamorous in this heat wave we are having...

Hope your day has been more productive than mine...i'm a disappointment! haha

BBQ and drinks at mine this w/e!


alannah. said...

geeeez. that she is stunning.x

Abby said...

Everything about her is amazing. I WISH I WAS HER. seriously what an amaze dress.


Francesca said...

love her blog :) great re-post!

F. ( x

Oracle Fox said...

Livibelles! Ohhh I have such a chic crush on Gala, her beautiful big brown eyes and long dark hair! These piccies are so cute!! I'm leaving to ny on wednesday, I wish I you could come and we could go vintage shopping and find you some more teacups to go with your other vintage ones! Not to mention shopping for leathery, fringy dream pieces, hehe. Let me know if there's anything you want me to get you! I'll still be on my mac baby anyways! Bring on the weekend, woo hoo this week has been a mission! xxx

Strawberry Freckleface said...

I need need need that necklace. Like, stat!

Friend in Fashion said...

Agree - absolutely glowing!

♥ Friend in Fashion

Living like Laree said...

i love your heading and layout of your blog.
new follower :)