Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Molten Relic.

..the beautiful images above are just a little taste of what's to come from Molten Store's debut in-house collection, Molten Relic.
A unique collection of limited edition jewellery pieces, bags and accessories, sourced from around the globe.
Molten Relic is for those who seek the rare, the gritty, and the opulent.

Will launch in store tomorrow, Thursday November 24th.

For more information visit, and 'like' Molten Store on facebook.


Cheska said...

Not sure that I'm keen on the model, but I love the feel of this pictures, they feel so raw x < giveaway if anyone is interested :)

sarah said...

I love the model! Do you know who she is..?

liv said...

I wish I knew Sarah...
I will try to find out for you.

Liv <3

Ashley Isaacs said...

that bead shrt thingy, is what i'll be dreaming of tonight!!