Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love List #2.

..My latest 'Love List' in some way revolves around my coming trip to Bali. It's literally all I can think about!
Purchases for Bali, beach dates dreaming of Bali... Bali Bali Bali!!!
I wish the next few weeks - two months (shhhh...) would go quicker!

1. My latest accessory binge.
2. The perfect crochet dresses - which I've been hunting down for weeks now! Found @ OmdittyOm Vintage. Best ebay store!
3. My latest kini purchase - I'm becoming a little obsessive. Anna & Boy.
4. My new luggage - I needed it to match. (OCD @ it's worst right here!)
5. Bali readings.
6. Mismatched kinis - it's the only way!
7. Hamsa - Another growing obsession. I want them everywhere!
8-10. My little man Snoop loving life.
11. Bali sunset - Can not wait for this!

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Sarah Rose said...

Hey, I was in Bali in August for my honeymoon. Everything about it is amazing, the people are especially nice. You're going to LOVE it and it looks like you're off to a good start on the packing. The suitcase set is adorable. I wanted to suggest a book that was perfect reading during my stay there, The Life of Pi. Bon voyage!

little moon lover said...

liv said...

Hey there Sarah Rose, Thank you! I'll definitely have to check it out! How long were you guys over there, and where did you stay? I can imagine it was the perfect setting for a honeymoon, congratulations btw. As you can see, I'm a wee bit too excited to get my butt over there. Especially when I keep hearing how amazing it is!


Fabliha said...

those clutches look amazing