Tuesday, February 3, 2009



i don't know why i got reminded of this movie today, maybe i dreamt of it but i have been lusting after it for so long now and can not find it anywhere!!


LoveMore said...

I OWN THIS MOVIE!!! have been watching it since i can remember! literally not lying...i watch it at least once a week! too good! that scene too with the music by bowie "as the world falls down" is one of my most favourite songs!

oh gush excited thinking about it! haha hope you find it!!!!!


xxx LM

mandi said...

one of my favorite movies of all time! i own this on vhs. try amazon.com?

ps. great blog :)

liviana said...

thank you so much lovelies. you aer both awesome. i'll be checking them out right now!!

it's been way too long since i saw it, so make sure your both watching it for me. haha

the 80s definitely brought out the best movies && tv shows. oh && the cartoons!!

fingers crossed i can find it!! =)

Stompface said...

heck yes, best movie ever.
I love that scene sooo much.
I hope you can find it somewhere, I got mine on dvd from like Kmart a few years ago, but it was like a special limited edition so it was everywhere at the time.

buy buy buy