Wednesday, February 4, 2009


not so much a broken heart.. more of an engagement && no, i'm still yet to find the dress (i like to do things backwards) plus what's more important then the shoes?!
like really?!?!

i lovvve..

i tried the second pair on && i could have run a marathon in them, they were so comfy. i didn't want to take them off!! && my goh, my feet && them looked as though they were made for each other.
still.. which to choose && what to wear them with?!?!


kiki said...

they are all pretty amazing....hard to choose!

LoveMore said...

GIRL what NOT to wear these with! did you buy them? please say you did! they are to die for! GUUUUSH..

thanks for your comment :) i am showered with purchases! haha. best of luck for your next treasure hunt!

xxx love LM

Evelyn said...

3,4 & 5 are amazing!!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

I like the first one best.

liviana said...

now i'm even more confusioned!! lol
they're all amazing shoes.

i was soo close to buying the second pair, i'm so stupid that i didn't but the dress i was planning on wearing with them vanished!! i got sad after that.

Hemaly said...

I love them all. You def. should buy one of them!!

Stompface said...

oohh these are all lovely.

Actually I have the first pair! Yes I feel cool!


rackkandruin said...

damn, that second pair is saweet. i wish they made shoes with this style but a bit shorter. i'm tall and i know i would never dare wear 4 inch heels. but oh i love them so.