Monday, March 9, 2009


i just recently re-deco'd the bedroom but i'm still not happy.. i do this a lot but this time with a calming mint green new paint job (it used to be headache hot pink), green candles, cushions, wooden buddhas and mini coloured paper lanterns.. it was so pretty until i walked past my local tree of life store. like my goh.. they completey changed the innies and i want!! it's better than hippie heaven in there. well it's ment to be but just better and so much purple!! (my new fave colour) if only i could get a clear enough picture of it. grrr..

anyhoo, so now i need change. i can't have a good sleep in this room unless it's beautiful lol
i literally keep tossing and turning with ideas and what's worse is i can't decide on one of them.. i like way too much!!

so i've been searching.. i watched a video of audrinas room off the hills. so hott.. then i went on the selby and came across even more (big mistake) but fell in lovvve with chase cohls innies.. of course i had to steal the pics of these lol


i also found this..


but i forget who belongs to it.

then i lovvve the whole white theme and old school french furnitures.
i could never afford it but a girl can dream yes..??

gah.. what to do..?!?!


Stephanie said...

A girl can dream and M u S t dream ;)

Re-decorating is so much fun! Wait till you have your own apartment!


Stephanie said...

:) Yes, I took the pictures.
REALLY glad to hear you loved them!
Thank you!


Hemaly said...

I love the Selby. Their pictures are so inspirational.
I don't know what to do with my room either! It's such a mess

Anonymous said...

love this shoot with the selby. her apartment is chock full of inspiration. you'd be surprise what awesome finds you'll come across in like, a marshalls type of store. flea markets. etc. i dream of a home like her's!

cool blog, PS.!


brittany said...

i loooooove decorating! i think stark white walls and colorful furniture is actually the most affordable way to have a STUNNING apartment

everything pops out and the whole place just looks amazing

Daphne said...

so colored!