Friday, March 6, 2009


so i was tagged by the beautiful and oh so stylish who is lovemore to list 6 things that make me happy!!

1. first off, nothing makes me happier then my baby loves..
mia && kimani blue. thay are the 2 funniest little cute ones && i would be lost if anything was to happen to one of them.

they are my world!!

2. nutella. i'm not sure if it's happy or a high but i'm addicted. i could not function without it!! on toast in the mornings is best.. then a few spoonfulls throughout the day (tablespoons) lol..

3. reality television. another addiction. give me any reality t.v. show && i'll be hooked.
it's pretty sick really..
which reminds me.. i'm aching to get my hands on season 3 of the hills.

4. adventures. travelling to places you've never been, moving somewhere random for a month, roadtrips, night drives, city missions, stalking exe's!! (hehe) love it.
the possibilities are endless..

5. my monthly stack of reads. i could not function without my RUSSH being number one.
OYSTER, VOGUE. GRAZIA, COSMO, CLEO, FRANKIE.. the list could go on forever.
just buying && having these babies piled somewhere in my room is enough to get me giddie.

6. last but not least.. my peepees. (family && friends) there's only a small handfull but i love them more then dove soap. they're all awesome. especially to put up with me.

the end.


Hemaly said...

I'm so addicted to Nutella, but becareful with overeating it. It's not very healthy lol.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i love nutella! and yout kitties are so cute :)

LoveMore said...

oh fab job of the tag honey!! LOVE the image of the lassie driving..ahhhh road trips! the best aren't they!

thanks so much for your lovely comment honey :) made me smile! loving your blog too.

hope you are having a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

love LMxxxxxxx