Saturday, April 25, 2009

c h l o e `

chloe sevigney @ the chloe` la boutique opening party

this was originally going to be a chloe sevigney post..
that was until i saw others from the chloe event..

kate bosworth

camilla belle

camilla alves


Solo said...

I really like Kate Bosworth,she is so pretty..=)
Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

oh mannnnn
can i have one of each?? girls + outfits please
these are gorgeous!
my eyes are twitchin im so tired so i am definitely coming back for a read first thing manana-well in a few hours haha

xoxox love
i wish i was down unda atm :(

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

They all look so amazing!
But Kate and Chloe are simply devine.
Both they're outfits are perfect.

Christing said...

Kate is the picture of perfection! love it and i want to wear what Camilla Alves is wearing tonight!!

Stephanie said...

they all look sooooo good!

I d r e a m of chloé! lol!! seriously though ahahah

loved your comment!!!

yay for a potential trip to CA!!! come on o v e r lol!! i am hoping to move to Toronto asap. just need to find work there and with the economy at the moment, it' not that easy....already that the magazing industry is tough to find work in and now it's even more scarce.

Y E S join twitter.

click on the link in my sidebar: under my tweets, it says "follow me on twitter" and then it will take you to my twitter home page and you can click "follow"!! j o i n!!1 lol!!


zoë said...

okay so they all look unbelievably good !
kate pulls off the maxi dress like no other .
and chloe is simply amazing, no matter what she puts on . her superlong superlean legs are the perfect backdrop to the mini shorts she's wearing .. and paired with that detailed blazer .. perfection !

189m said...

amazing outfits, i love camilla alves and kate's skirt

blackbook said...

chloe always gets it sooo right.
and looooove kates outfit here...ive got a thing for long skirts/dresses...

allforfashion said...

Almost speechless. The clothes from Chloe are always so feminine, and always constructed so well. And the bags are ahhhhmazinggg! I wish I could own every single one ever made, well who doesn't? haha But really, these outfits are beautiful, I don't think i could pick out a favorite, but Chloe Sevigny's outfits are always impeccable in general! xoxo

Hemaly said...

I loove Chloe. She's so offbeat & very cool.