Thursday, April 23, 2009

r o c k a h o l i c.

ben cook/oyster


Stephanie said...

r o c k a h o l i c!!!!
i love that title!! love it!!!

Lady, i don't think you understand were like blogger buddies!! I wish we lived closer to each other and could meet and hang out and browse Oyster and Russh together!!!

Thanks SO much for your a l w a y s sweet comments! they a l w a y s make my day :)
I would love to do more outfit posts, but unfortunately i work ful time and my brother as well and so we only have time once a week, on the weekends to take pictures.

also, did you see that horrible splash page on leChic? that was one of the new posts (which BTW you're soooo cute for trying to see leChic despite a shotty internet connection- thank you :)
The thing is, someone complained that leChic has 'objectionable content' and now google has placed a content warning splash page before you can see leChic :( im soo sad and i don't know how to fix that problem!!! because there is no one to contact at google! ive entered a forum and gotten a little help, but still yet not enough :( I hope it resolves itself! because my blog is on my resumé and it doesn't really reflect properly on me, imo, to have a content warning splash before you can see the site!!

anywaysssssssssssss lol!
do you have twitter?



Hemaly said...

Holy jesus, these are amazing. Wish a show could look this good.

Christing said...

hot pics!! makes me want to start a band with really stylish girls :-)

Summer said...

Those pics just rock!!!=)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH hemaly!!
i would totally be up for that!!
wouldnt that be the best summer goal?
i soo wish i was back in hs wen i didnt have a huge care inthe world-then we could start it and still have time for schoool and fun..ahh the days before college ;d were dandy