Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lovers in Vain turns two!

Happy Birthday!!

It's been two years today since I started my blog baby and I couldn't have hoped for a more beautiful day! If only I could enjoy it.. Damn you unpredictable weather!
Today will be spent cleaning out what will be the new LIV HQ. There's a new baby coming.. A new baby that will need a lot more room than just the Mac baby..
This new baby may change things up just a little for LIV in the months ahead. Very very excited!!

A huge thank you and lots of love goes out to all who have followed and supported the blog, You guys are too beautiful!

x x x x



Happy Birthday LIV!
Can't believe its been 2 years already...
I got a feeling this year is going to be a big one ;)
Lots of adventures and fun!
Love Ya xxxxxxxx

Abby said...

Yayy birthday! happy bloggetty birthday, I look forward to another year of your wonderful posts!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Happy Blogiversary my dear- looking forward to reading many more of your beautiful posts!

notsoChiara said...



lula said...

Happy bloggy birthday !

Tona said...

so cute!!
Somethings Gone Awry

calla said...

yay! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! happy birthday!

follow your blog everyday :)

cassie min said...

Happy Birthday! I love your blog,
Visit my blog sometime,
If you like my blog,
follow and i'll follow back :)

Oracle Fox said...

Haaapppyyy Birrthday Lovers In Vain!!!!!! Yipeeeee!!! How cute is that kitten, hehehehe I can't stop watching it I'm in some kind of mesmeried kitty cat trance!! heheh! So happy that you are in my blosphere life and excited for the future for you it sounds very exciting!! So now I'm all intrigued about this baby, mmmmm, trying to think what kind of baby this could be I'm guessing though it's not a real one? hehe, no I'm thinking something more creative? mmmm we need some clues you cheeky little squirrel! Hope you had a lovely weekend, the sun was out here too and we all surfed so much that our eyeballs are actually sunburnt, eeek! I had to sneak a day off work yesterday to surf the island, now I'm paying for it in email reply hell, hheheh! Can't wait for more amazingness with LIV & Liv, this year, hehe. xxxxxxx

galatea. said...

im in love with that cat!

cat said...

happy bday! im only a new follower, so thanks for all the new inspiration and thanks for the love too.

cta x

Talia said...

Yaaay, lovelove!

xxx Talia

alannah. said...

happppy bloggggg birthday babe!
cant wait to see all the things you bring us in the third year.x

Friend in Fashion said...

wohoo - happy blog birthday gorgeous girl!

Looking forward to many more fabulous LIV years to come!

Friend in Fashion

that girl lucy said...

hppy blogger birthday gporgeous!
looking forward to more more more!