Monday, January 10, 2011

To be wild and free..

..this song had been re-playing in my head all day, and then I see this post. Was the perfect kick start for the non-motivated blogger.
Though Mandy, the lovely and wonderfully inspirational lady behind Oracle Fox seems to have that effect on all of us.

Bless you love!


Fashion Agony said...

I've seen that post this morning, such an inspiration!

Abby said...

How amazing is she!!! I saw this earlier and was in absolute awe, my hero.


alannah. said...

those shorts are awesome! what a beautiful video.x

Oracle Fox said...

Oh my goodness I was thinking your song was going to be some ballad out of "The man from snowy river" or something then, hehehe. I set myself up for these things, hehehe. That's such a pretty version of that song. And hello!!! I don't deserve such amazing best friend bloggers like you out there, whatcha talkin bout anyways sister you are one of my biggest inspirations! xxxx

cat said...

omg i LOVE the jacket! your blog is great, im following!
cat x