Friday, March 25, 2011

La Casa de la Decoradora.

via Song of Style

..Whilst hanging out at LIV HQ on Wednesday, I was talking to NARDIVILE about adding some beautiful long white drapes to the room, just like the ones above.
This is such a beautiful space, and has such a great feel to it. It really makes me wish I had more to work with..

The more I look at these, the more they actually remind me of NARDIVILE's place, with bits and pieces of both our styles mooshed in..

NARTTAA.. we either need to buy this place, or I'm moving in!
Do you think Snott will mind..??

Nuevo Estilo


Stacee said...

Ohmy, these pictures are amazing!
Love the clean lines :)

x Stace

Chelsealauren said...

This just screams spring cleaning to me, and I loveeee it.

Really diggin' that pink bedspread too!

rouli said...

amazin shots


Liv said...

Gorgeous! I'm in a very turmoily state right now and will likely be moving to a new apartment soon. I'm pretty much settled on clean, fresh white walls but was a little afraid it wouldn't have enough personality. Definitely not the case here! Looove!

Where's My Other Shoe? said...

ugh. just another reminder how lame my sleeping quarters are! hehehe.

and yes i need that little fennec foxy in my life. and summer. and a tan. and .. well you get what im saying ;)


Hahaha i think Snott would be happy to be rid of me...or were you talking about some kind of polygamist set up? lol
This place is gorgeous!
I kinda lost momentum with my space..i need to hire a big skip like you did and get rid so much stuff,finish the painting and....
You need to come help!
I'll cook :)

Oracle Fox said...

oh my lordy, this house is amazinggg!! I want to live there :-( . How have you been little chicken?! Hope you've been well and doing lots of creative new things!! xxxx mands

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house. I love the kitchen. I really like rooms that feel really clean (white walls) but have a really eclectic style in the furniture, art, knick-knacks, etc.

Aprilia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your love! :) It's always much appreciated xxx

I absolutely adore these pictures! I can't wait to have a house and style it similar to this! Ahhhhhhh, gotta dream, right? :)

MosaMuse said...

love it! I love interior decor photos

indie.electronic.alternative. said...

this place is beautiful and breezy! giving me a few ideas for how i can make my living room a little less modern and a little more relaxed. i like it! thanks for your comment. i like your picture choices. just became a follower! please do the same if you like! :)

galatea. said...

what a nice n' personal touch this place has x