Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wow. I experienced my first fugly comment in blog land today..
Now say/think what you will to make yourselves feel better about being a nasty little mole, but I don't agree that there's a place for it.
I wont stand for it on my blog. And I'd appreciate it in the future if people left their negative opinions/jealous spew to themselves.

This is my blog, my perception of what's beautiful, and quite frankly I couldn't give a rats arse what some nasty anonymous little thing has to say about it.

Stop focusing on the negative..!! I don't want to read it.


Claire Alexandra said...

wow, that's insane. I'm sorry that you received those comments. It's so weird because I love your blog and think it's amazing and I just gave you a shout out today.


Abby said...

I'm so confused because your blog is truly magical and my mind cannot fathom anyone having anything negative to say!

Anonymous needs to be kicked in the shins repeatedly. What an idiot.


Bridget Colella said...

let it go, your blog is beautiful and inspirational...
keep it up!

id love for you to follow me!

alannah. said...

what the hell, how on earth could someone find something bad to say about this blog? i always love your content, its always so beautiful & inspiring! & for them to stay anon is just pathetic, they're obviously just jealous!xx


We were only just talking about this the other day!
Crazy!...we should start talking about winning the lotto!

Means you have totally made it now that you have had a nasty comment lol.
Loves ya Liv don't let this anonymous puss get under your skin.
Balls all over their face!


galatea. said...

damn straight.

stupid jealous people luv' to hate.

smile at the thought of that x

lula said...

I can't find any reason why someone would have anything negative to say about your blog.

Anyway I like your blog a lot!

Spell said...

Can I just say why the eff are all the negative comments always by ANONYMOUS????? If they really want to stand behind their comment they should put their name!

I think any negative anonymous comment isn't even worth reading - if they have the guts to put their name on it then that's fine and I'll give it airplay but if not - eff off! : )

Hugs babe - and i really admire you for standing up for yourself!

Oracle Fox said...

Livybelles!! What the hells bells is going on this is fucked up! There is not one thing that you blog about that could provoke this kind of attack unless it's some jaded jealous person that has a personal vendetta? So nasty anonymous person find a better way to spend your time or you'll have us all to contend with! The people that count love you Liv don't let the nego mess with your spirit! xxxxxx

dotie said...

haters are gonna sad!
just remember to keep doing you..stay strong doll :)

eclectic du jour

dalal said...

whats wrong with these ppl?? they r just haters! dont bother! just keep it up! love ur blog :** dont forget to post more often :*** love ya

that girl lucy said...

majorly agreed with all the above!!!! some people must have pretty fucking boring lives to get kicks out of being so rude to people they don't even know, and on anonymous gahhh only probelm with the blogging world xxx

Tala said...

You go girl!
Ur blog is AMAZING!!!

calla said...

um, i fucking love your blog... jealousy, jealous, jealousy is a bitch! i say we jump her.


Maggie ☮ said...

nasty little mole haha :)

Francesca said...

ahh i hate those kind of comments!! they are so dumb because our blogs are about OUR personal style..and were only trying to show what we think is beautiful.. so sad. I love your blog and I love how you put up this post.

Black Diamond Sky said...

Take it as a compliment.


Where's My Other Shoe? said...

ohhhh dear. yes, the inevitable ANONYMOUS freak. i was also shocked when it happened my dear ol first time, but like the commenter above... take it as a compliment! thats what ash and mandy told me to do to! ;)