Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bow chicka wow wow..

via purse 'n boots, Oracle Fox


I had to re-post these as soon as I saw them, literally. How smokin' is Mandy in the latest Planet blue lookbook!?
Yes, the model is our very own Mandy of Oracle Fox. Styled by the always mind blowing Ashley of purse 'n boots
(Who else?!).
And photographed by Zoey Grossman

Check out the rest of this magically put together lookbook here.


Bethane said...

Mandy's great, she looks amazing!
I absolutely love those aztec print pink shorts and the printed bell bottoms below. Any ideas where they're from? LOVE your blog :)

peace x

enjoythesilence said...

Love these! And love the outfits she puts together always too.


le pearl said...

god damn i love her blog, cannot believe how popular she has become!

Rich Girls. said...

the last shot is perfection. x.

Stephanie said...

SUCH good shots and I LOL'd at the title: all kinds of amazing!!!

NEGAR said...

So preeeetyy

Nicole✗✗ said...

These photographs are amazing!!

Jade said...

loove these pictures!
I want the pants she's wearing in the 6th picture.


Abby said...

argh I love that lady!!
what an awesome adventure.


thisiswhatidwear said...

Those fluro pink shorts and that black dress. WOW!



Michelle's Style File said...

So many awesome shorts!