Thursday, April 21, 2011

The heart wants, what the heart wants...


So I spoilt myself a little and finally got me a decent camera, but.. she is already getting dusty - stupid dusty house! Plus I'm super paranoid I'm going to scratch or drop her.
If only I could find her a rockin' bag like this LUXIRARE one to keep her safe & warm.
(is it completely insane I refer to my things as if they were breathing..??)
I love her!

Shop LUXIRARE here.


Chelsealauren said...

So jealous of the camera! And DEAR GOD, these cases are beautiful. Where are they from?!

liv said...

Aren't they to die..?! $700 later though. Eekk!! lol
I put up a link to the store, just for you! =)

Liv <3

Rich Girls. said...

they are super cute!
i think you should spoil yourself just that liiittle bit more. hehe. x.

One More Chance Vintage said...

If only, those are amazing! I would love one for my camera but wow, I can only dream.

Xx One More Chance

Francesca said...

HOLY PURSE! I need this thing.. I wonder how big of a camera can fit in there and if they hold heavy ones.. my camera is pretty big. I love how you refer to your stuff btw. hahah keep that camera warm!

Nicole✗✗ said...

That is fantastic!!

Shani Galarza said...

This is AMAZING !!